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Chosen One Sports
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“Many were called, but few were chosen.”  It is not the number of times you try, but the means by which you are willing to go through to reach your objective!  Our #1 goal at ChosenOneSports.com is to help you reach your objectives and achieve success! 

Up your game! Be chosen!

Chosen One Sports is a group of dedicated professionals committed to excellence.  We offer a wide range of services including sports-media, recruiting and marketing services along with unique new concepts integrated into our lines of athletic apparel.  We show appreciation rather than indifference and offer a quality service at a reasonable rate.

Every year thousands of qualified student athletes are overlooked by colleges and universities for scholarship consideration and fall through the recruiting cracks.  In most cases, it is not because they did not have the talent or ability but because they did not have proper exposure or publicity. In other cases, it may be due to the fact that they attend smaller, rural high schools.  Many athletes are simply unfamiliar with today’s recruiting process, and do not understand the preparation and time needed to successfully market themselves.  Perhaps their high school’s athletic program was not properly staffed or equipped to guide and help them.  Many times this happens because the coaches and other faculty are overburdened with other various duties and commitments.

Many young athletes believe that the college recruiting process is easy and that college coaches will be coming to them offering scholarships.  This may be the case if you are in the top 0.1% of your sport, but most athletes have to market themselves to get the recruiter’s attention.  Never fall into the trap of relying on your coach to “handle it” or on your friends passing word-of-mouth information to help you.  If you want to get recruited and get an athletic scholarship, our recruiting service is a must for you!

To get recruited and be considered for college sports scholarships you have to become known to the college coaches.  The coaches need to know not only who you are, but also what you can do (for them) in the form of an athletic resume or recruiting profile.  We can also target your profile to selected colleges based on their needs and your strengths.  Simply put, the recruiting process is a business/marketing project with you, the athlete, being the product!  We all know what happens to items that are not properly marketed, they either stay on the shelf or are undersold. Do not let this happen to you!

Do not sell yourself short!  The use of our sports scholarship recruiting service is a must for all athletes who are serious about competing in their sports at the college level!  Our recruiting service has been carefully designed to help student athletes showcase their ability and obtain the very best exposure possible.  What ever your standard or specialty, there is a college that needs you!  There are over 600 colleges and universities in the NCAA and NAIA systems offering sports scholarships. So there are thousands of athletic scholarships out there.

Our athletic scholarship recruiting service can help you apply for college athletic scholarships.  (We cover most NCAA and NAIA sports.)  It does not matter how good you are, if you do not submit an athletic profile to the coaches you will not get recruited.  It is that simple!  There are many athletic scholarships available to high school and Jr. college athletes, but you must market yourself, have a professional resume/profile, and be seen by the people who count…the coaches!

Over the last few years, recruiting has considerably changed.  Online recruiting services have become “the wave of the future” for college coaches to evaluate student athletes for potential scholarship consideration.  With increasing budget restrictions by schools and tougher guidelines imposed by the NCAA, college coaches at all levels are forced to recruit the best possible athletes with very limited resources.  ChosenOneSports recruiting service has developed a cutting edge, state-of-the-art solution for college recruiters.

Let ChosenOneSports provide you with convenience, speed, ease and help you to expand your scouting efforts!  By providing extensive promotional services to both students and college coaches, it enables us to ensure you maximum scholarship recognition in an increasingly complicated and competitive environment.  ChosenOneSports Recruiting Services places great emphasis on the athletic ability of every prospect that we service.

ChosenOneSports recruiting services are only offered to qualified prospects.  You must be an upcoming high school junior or senior, Jr. College athlete or a transfer.  A personal interview is conducted (phone, internet, or mail-in) with the student athlete and/or their parents/guardians to obtain important information regarding the prospect’s athletic abilities, academic interest, grades, geographic preferences, and their career goals to compile an athletic profile.  For more info email or log on to:


www.Chosen1Sports.com “Your Premier Source for Success”!  Is an equal opportunity provider!  "WE GET RESULTS"! - Greatness is not a Coincidence!

Chosen One Sports “Your Premier Source for Success”! - Greatness is not a Coincidence!
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