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Recruiting Myths that will Hurt You!

1. If an athlete is good enough, the coaches will find them.*
2. Only blue-chip athletes receive scholarships.
3. Coaches are already aware of all the good athletes.
4. I have to be the best athlete on my team to get a scholarship.
5. If the athlete is talented, the coach can get them admitted despite poor grades.
6. Coaches resent being contacted by prospective athletes.
7. We can wait until my student's senior year to look for athletic scholarships.*
8. Only NCAA Div.1 schools are worth pursuing because they have more athletic scholarship money.
9. Schools only give scholarships for the money {revenue-generating) sports like football & basketball
10. I can trust everything the coaches say & promise during the recruiting process.
11. It’s the High School Coach’s job to get me an athletic scholarship.*
12. I can wait until my last semester/year of High School to take the ACT/SAT.*

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